Researcher Training

Ethics training has a reputation of being dry, boring, philosophy lectures.  Not in Luxembourg!

LARI created the CAPRI program: Creative Approaches Promoting Research Integrity.

The CAPRI approach to teaching research ethics and research integrity is highly interactive, using a blend of traditional teaching methods with hands-on creative sessions and other techniques which personalize the learning process.  The use of visual arts in the sessions has the potential to improve researchers’ observation skills—something very important to research conduct such as the informed consent process, as well as data collection, analysis, and reporting.  It is also part of study monitoring and auditing.

The CAPRI approach will be used in forthcoming Good Scientific Practice sessions offered by the Univ of Luxembourg Transferable Skills Training program.  LARI Coaches should attend this session (when registering for the course, advise the training officer, Anne Bégué, that you are a LARI Coach).

Our video, Top 10 Tips for Robust & Ethical Research is a quick and fun guide to designing and conducting research with integrity.  These tips can ease the process for attaining IRB/REC approval.  You can watch the 2 min video at this link.



Our 2 min video on authorship ethics is a great way to learn to avoid conflict and dilemmas with research colleagues when writing manuscripts.  You can watch the video at this link.


Check out our News & Events page for other bioethics/research ethics/research integrity talks and seminars offered by LARI. If your Department or Institute would like a session on a specific topic (e.g., Ethical Conduct of Space Research; Neuroethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research; Ethics, AI, and Responsible Innovation; Ethical Conduct of Sustainability Research; Ethical Conduct of Geodynamic and Seismic Research; Ethical Conduct of Research with Children and other Vulnerable Populations) reach out to us at