LARI Peer Coaching


Coaches are trusting facilitators available to guide you on the path to research integrity.

LARI Coaches help get researchers from point A (study prep) to point B (study reporting).  Coaching provides support, encouragement, and guidance as researchers progress along their project path, and helps them produce robust, ethical research. Watch our 2-min video for details.


LARI coaching is adapted from the Philips Research (Eindhoven, NL) experience of global coaches who assist medical device researchers with navigating the research ethics committee process.  LARI Coaches go farther and take a longitudinal approach to guiding researchers (in their own Dept/Institute) amid the complexities of designing, conducting, recording, monitoring, auditing, analysis, and reporting of research.  The application of the coach role can be different across research organizations/units considering the research context.  Also, Coaches are NOT a replacement for the research supervisor.

Who is your Coach? Check the chart below.  Please note that the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology/LIST has chosen not to participate in the voluntary Coach program.  If you have concerns about this, please discuss this directly with their CEO.

Coach Institution Role/Title Specialty
Tonie van Dam Univ of Lux Professor Geophysics, space & earth sciences, climate change, gender equality, education; English, French, Spanish.
Nicolo [Nico] Maccaferri Univ of Lux, Limpertsberg Campus Post-Doc Res Asst Nanoscience, nano-optics; English, Italian, Spanish.
Laurent Heirendt LCSB Research Assoc Scientific computing; mechanical engineering; aero engineering; English, French, German, Latin, Luxembourgish, Portuguese
Ghislain Sillaume Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History/Univ of Lux Project Coord./Research Support Information architecture, multimedia design, digital technology and the practice of history, human-computer interaction; English, French.
Jil Fischbach LCSB Quality and process specialist Human- and molecular biology; Quality management; English, German, French, Luxembourgish
Asael Rouby FNR Program Manager Law, research funding & grants; English, German, French, Luxembourgish.
Laurent Prévotat LIH Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Manager; Data Protection Officer Quality systems management, data privacy, laboratory supervision, phytopathogens, molecular biology; English, French.
Francesco Fallucchi LISER Researcher Behavioural economics, business economics, industrial organization; English, Italian.
Chloé Lellinger LISER Data Protection Officer Data protection, law; English, French.
Francisco Santana Ferra LISER Project Management Office Manager Quality & process management, project management, political science, intl relations; English, French, Portuguese.
Catalina Lomos LISER Researcher Childhood, family & education policies, qual & quant analysis, large-scale assessment, statistics, SPSS; English; Romanian.

If your facility does not have a Coach, you can ask them for one.  Would you like to be a Coach? A LARI Coach Workshop and Coach Handbook are available for new Coaches. (Also see our short video that offers tips for researchers).  Talk with your Dept Chair/Head about supporting your peers in this role, and then inquire with the LARI Secretary General to arrange training. 

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