LARI Peer Coaching


LARI Coaches help get researchers from point A (study prep) to point B (study reporting).  Coaching provides support, encouragement, and guidance as researchers progress along their project path, and helps them produce robust, ethical research.

LARI coaching is adapted from the Philips Research (Eindhoven, NL) experience of global coaches who assist medical device researchers with navigating the research ethics committee process.  LARI Coaches go farther and take a longitudinal approach to guiding researchers (in their own Dept/Institute) amid the complexities of designing, conducting, recording, monitoring, auditing, analysis, and reporting of research.

A LARI Coach Workshop and Coach Handbook are available for new Coaches. (Also see our short video).  Talk with your Dept Chair/Head about supporting your peers in this role.  Reach out to LARI to register for Coach training.  The Coach Workshop is scheduled for WED NOV 28th, 2018; 3pm – 5pm, Univ of Luxembourg Library (Luxembourg Learning Center, Learning Hub 1.01, 1st floor).

Coach Handbook cover