Research Ethics FAQ

NOTE: “Any research at UL, including human participants, human biological material, personal data, animals and/or potentially harmful changes to the environment, therefore, requires ethics approval by the Ethics Review Panel and/or the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee.”  University of Luxembourg Research Ethics Guidelines, 2018-05-09, page 5.  See also the FAQ below: “How do I know if… Continue reading Research Ethics FAQ

LARI Newsletter

LARI’s newsletter is Compass.  Current and archived issues are available here.           (Note: The monthly newsletter is not published in August.)            

Privacy Policy

Introduction Purpose of LARI’s Privacy Policy: The purpose of this policy is to describe how and why the Luxembourg Agency for Research Integrity (LARI) uses personal information, how we go about protecting privacy and to ensure that individuals are aware of their rights and choices regarding this information. We will be clear about what data… Continue reading Privacy Policy

Annual Reports

The 2017 & 2018 LARI Annual Reports were approved by the LARI Board on 17 June 2019.  They will be reviewed by the LARI General Assy in Nov 2019.