Upcoming relevant events

Selected upcoming events 

  • LARI Board Meeting Jan 10, 2020
  • LCSB Team Meeting — learn about LARI Coaching Jan 30, 2020
  • Good Scientific Practice (Belval) Feb 3-4, 2020
  • Plagiarism Brown Bag Lunch (Belval) Feb 20, 2020
  • ENRIO Meeting (Brussels) March 26-27, 2020
  • CRI On-Site Meeting (Belval) April 20, 2020
  • Good Scientific Practice (Belval) April 23-24, 2020
  • Good Scientific Practice (Belval) June 4-5, 2020


  • LARI Creative Approaches Promoting Research Integrity (CAPRI) workshops [these are integrated in the Good Scientific Practice course offerred by the Univ of Luxembourg Transferable Skills Program, see this link]


Head of the Luxembourg Agency for Research Integrity (LARI) appointed

Katrina Bramstedt has been appointed Secretary General of the Luxembourg Agency for Research Integrity (LARI), having taken up the position as of early September 2018. 

Katrina Bramstedt brings 18 years’ experience in bioethics and research ethics, including industry, academia, and clinical settings. Most recently she was Chair of the research ethics committee at Philips Research and their Senior Ethics Officer. 

Dr Katrina Bramstedt, Secretary General of LARI

Other experience includes leading a medical ethics program with a Professorship at Bond University Medical School (Australia) and directing the Cleveland Clinic’s General Clinical Research Center Research Subject Advocate Program (USA). 

She has created and taught numerous courses in research integrity and bioethics, consulted on cases of misconduct, reviewed over 2200 research protocols, performed over 900 ethics consults, and authored 100+ peer-reviewed articles. 

Her personal research areas have focused on organ donation and transplantation and she is an internationally recognized expert in the bioethical issues of Good Samaritan donation as well as composite tissue allografts.

“I am proud to support Luxembourg researchers in their efforts to produce high quality research outputs and I endeavor to use innovative approaches that cultivate research integrity as routine scientific practice. Ethics and integrity should never be a boring chore or rule, but rather something researchers are proud of personally and professionally. And no dry lectures, LARI will surprise you with hands-on enriching workshops and coaching!” – Katrina Bramstedt, LARI Secretary General

“I am very glad that such a senior person as Katrina is joining us. With her proven experience in research ethics, I am confident that she we will lead LARI and make sure that Luxembourg, as a young research location in Europe, becomes one of the leading places where research integrity and responsible conduct of research are nurtured, promoted and cultivated.” – Marc Schiltz, Chairman of the Board of LARI

About LARI

The Luxembourg Agency for Research Integrity (LARI), created in 2016, is a joint venture between the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), the University of Luxembourg (uni.lu), the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), the Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research (LISER) and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). The major goal of LARI is to promote Research Integrity in Luxembourg and to ensure an independent investigation of alleged cases of research misconduct.

About research integrity

Research integrity embodies fundamental principles for conducting research in a responsible way, the foundation of which is derived from the Belmont Report and the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.  In addition to the protection of the safety, rights, and welfare of research participants, it is essential to undertake research that is Reliable, Honest, Respectful, and Accountable.